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Our Gaurantee



Breeder hereby guarantees, to the best of their knowledge, said dog is to be free of any life-threatening or inherited disease at time of sale. The puppy has received at least 2 sets of vaccinations, 3 dewormings, is microchipped, and is healthy at time of sale. The Breeder will provide a vaccination record of the purchased puppy.

Puppy must be taken to a licensed veterinarian of his/her choice within 5 days of purchase for a “Well Puppy Visit” to validate good health. Proof must be given to the breeder within 5 days of the veterinarian visit. If written proof is not received by the buyer within 5 days, this contract will be null and void.

The Breeder guarantees that the said puppy described above will be free of adenovirus, bordetella, distemper, parainfluenza, and parvovirus for a period of 5 days after receipt of the live puppy by the Buyer.

Breeder is not responsible for mites, pneumonia, mange, heatstroke, ringworm, conjunctivitis, fleas, ticks, and ear infections once puppy has left Breeder’s hands. Buyer is responsible for keeping their puppy away from contaminated areas, out of the heat and cold drafty places.

Breeder is not responsible for dental related health issues or costs.

The Breeder shall not be responsible for any medical costs incidental to the puppy after Buyer receives the puppy. Breeder guarantees the above-described puppy to be healthy at the time of the sale. If the puppy is not healthy at the time of sale; Breeder will only pay health costs reasonable to the industry standard for the affliction up to half the purchase price of the puppy; if breeder’s vet and buyer’s vet agree that the affliction existed prior to sale.

If puppy dies within 24 hours of receipt, Buyer must have an autopsy performed by a licensed Veterinarian at Buyer’s expense to determine cause of death. If cause of death is due to problems that existed before time of purchase, a replacement puppy is given. The replacement puppy will be of same or equal value. A replacement will only take place if the above puppy has been properly cared for in buyer(s) possession. These conditions must all be met for replacement puppy to be provided.

Any request to return the dog to the Breeder for a partial refund or replacement puppy must be made within the first two years of the dog’s life and may only be requested should the dog prove to be examined and verified by Veterinarian, to be in good health. Proof of examination must be provided to Breeder. Any veterinary services needed due to negligence or lack of care, will be the buyer’s responsibility.

If this dog is found to have a hereditary defect which impacts clinically on its quality of life (excluding dental work) by the age of two years, as certified by a qualified veterinarian at Buyer’s expense, the Breeder has the right to require a second opinion from a nominated Veterinarian of Breeder’s choice at the Breeder’s expense. A warranty for Hip and Elbow Dysplasia is provided for two years after the date of sale. This warranty will be terminated should dog be allowed to become overweight or developing joints become overstressed at any point during the warranty period. Should the dog be found to have Hip or Elbow Dysplasia within the first two years, Buyer must provide Breeder with proof in the form of documentation.

This warranty does not include viral illnesses, infections, improper bites, hernias, hypoglycemia, or parasites such as Guardia or Coccidosis. It also does not include any illness due to the ingestion of foreign objects, food, chemicals, accidents, or physical injury.

If the dog is euthanized or in any way disposed of, without the option of a second opinion from the Breeder’s Veterinarian, the Buyer waives all rights to a replacement puppy as compensation.


Buyer's Responsibility

1. The Buyer agrees that their puppy will be housed indoors. Buyer understands this puppy is never to be left outside unattended. All dogs can dig, jump and find their way out of a yard or containment. The Buyer further warrants that the puppy will be kept in appropriate conditions for its health and welfare.

2. The Buyer agrees to consistently feed their puppy only a high quality food.

3. The Buyer agrees to keep their puppy at a healthy weight as governed by veterinarian recommendations.

4. The Buyer agrees to make and keep annual veterinary appointments for their puppy, and keep all immunizations current. Failure to comply with and provide documentation of these requirements voids all guarantees.

5. The Buyer must complete a basic positive reinforcement obedience training with their puppy within the first year of owning their dog. Proof of completion must be received by the breeder within 2 weeks of completion.

6. The Buyer agrees to postpone strenuous, repetitive exercise until after their puppy is over 18 months of age. Puppy will receive appropriate daily exercise but no over exertion for the hip joints.

7. The Buyer agrees to adhere to current municipal by-laws and regulations for the keeping of dogs in their living area.

8. Photos and updates will be provided at least 2 times each year or more for the duration of the guarantee (2 years) to show satisfactory conditions of the dog or this contract becomes void.



The Buyer must supply to the Breeder a Veterinarian’s report indicating possible hereditary defects within seven (7) days of making the first complaint to the seller in order for prompt exchange of puppy.

A copy of all available reports must be forwarded to the Breeder for review by their nominated Veterinarian if so desired. The Breeder will review the reports and advise if a second opinion is required and if it is, the Breeder will nominate a second veterinarian to whom the dog should be taken for further examination, or its X-rays and/or reports; and reserves the right to have all veterinary reports, X-rays and other tests forwarded to the Breeder for further review by such parties as the Breeder may determine and at the cost of the Breeder.

The Breeder will make available all results from the second opinion to the Buyer at which point the following options may be available if the dog is certified to the Breeder’s satisfaction to have a hereditary defect clinically impacting on its quality of life:

1. The Breeder will take back the affected dog, and replace it with a puppy/dog of equal or greater value upon the above requirements having been met. It is understood that there may not be a replacement dog available at the time of requested replacement. The Breeder is given twelve months to act upon this guarantee.


2. The Breeder will reimburse the Buyer up to and not exceeding half of the purchase price of the dog, not including shipping costs, and the Buyer may keep the affected dog. It is understood that reimbursement is defined as the Breeder giving up to and not exceeding half of the cost of the original sale price of the dog (not including shipping) back to the buyer. The Breeder will do one choice or the other. Not both.



Buyer bears all costs relating to the sale of above animal including transportation. The risk of loss or injury to the above-described animal is on the Buyer at all times after the dog leaves the Breeder.



Buyer agrees that if at any time the Buyer wishes to destroy or give away the dog, Buyer will give the Breeder first right of refusal, to take the dog back. If Breeder decides not to take the dog back, the Breeder must be given every opportunity to help in re-homing the dog- which must not be destroyed, or relinquished to a pound or shelter.

The puppy shall not be sold, leased or given to any pet shop or research establishment. The puppy shall not be sold, given or donated to any person without the Breeder's prior knowledge and consent. Buyer further agrees that said puppy should not be used for medical or any other experimental purposes or sold to supplier, wholesaler, shelter, pound, or humane society.

If the dog dies for any reason, vet report verifying death must be supplied to the Breeder. Failure to comply with these provisions will render any guarantee null and void.

If, at any time, Buyer is unable or unwilling to care for this dog, Buyer agrees to contact and return said puppy to Breeder. Neither refund nor replacement will be given. Buyer may only sell the dog with breeder’s consent, and breeder always has first rights of refusal of the puppy.



No replacement for temperament will be given. After 7 weeks age the environment and handler will govern the dog’s character. Breeder is responsible for social evaluation of puppies to ensure proper temperament for family placement is present. Any temperament issues in a very young puppy will be due to medical or training issues.

As responsible breeders we expect that this puppy be properly socialized and must attend puppy obedience classes.

Responsibility is the Buyer’s as to proper feeding, exercise, socializing and training, of which all have a bearing on the end results of a sound adult dog. Breeder is not responsible for any damage the puppy might do at any given age.


Loss or Theft

If said puppy becomes lost or stolen, Buyer agrees to notify Breeder immediately. Breeder will not be responsible for this loss and Breeder will not refund the purchase price of the puppy, nor will Breeder give another puppy for replacement. Buyer also agrees not to sell, trade or dispose of this puppy.



Microchip has been inserted and documentation provided to Buyer.



All dogs/puppies come CKC registered under the buyer’s name. Paperwork may take up to 1 year to receive after full payment has been given to breeder. Buyer will be provided with a copy of the sire and dam’s registration papers, a copy of the puppy’s pedigree, a record of immunisations, and a health guarantee/contract, as well as any other necessary information pertaining to said puppy upon pick up. Breeder reserves the right to withhold Certificate of Registration until proof of spay/neuter has been received.

Non-Breeding Agreement

All puppies are first sold as pet quality on a CKC NON BREEDING CONTRACT. Although the breeder does their best to place the appropriate puppies into appropriate homes (i.e show puppy), all puppies are sold as PET QUALITY ONLY for the regular selling price of PET QUALITY puppies. Should the buyer decide to show or compete, the buyer has until the age of 2 years to receive his/her first title. If the dog has not received a title by 2 years of age, the dog must be spayed/neutered within one month of his/her second birthday. Documented proof must be provided to the Breeder. If the dog has received 2 titles by 2 years of age, then the buyer has 6 months from the dogs second birthday to get all necessary health clearances. This includes OFA for hips, eyes, VWD, SA, and thyroid. If dog passes all necessary health clearances with acceptable scores, then the non-breeding contract may be lifted with the breeder’s approval. The fee to lift the non-breeding contract is $1800 which may be paid to the breeder in cash OR a choice puppy back from the first litter will be provided to the breeder. Should the dog not have his/her health clearances by 2.5 years of age, or the dog has not passed all components of health clearances, the dog must be spayed/neutered by 31 months of age, regardless of any achieved titles. NO DOG WILL BE BRED without breeders full knowledge, or before they are two years of age. Dogs must pass all health clearances prior to breeding with no less than 2 titles, and not before the non-breeding contract has been officially lifted with the CKC papers. Dogs of opposite sex for breeding must ALWAYS be approved by the breeder first, and breeder must ALWAYS be aware of breeding plans and estrus cycles. This dog may ONLY be bred to an approved CKC or AKC registered dog of the same breed. Should any of these terms be broken, breeder reserves the right to confiscate the dog and any puppies produced, and there will be a $10,000 fine. Buyer is responsible for all fees associated with breeding and titling this dog.



The warranty set forth in this contract is the sole warranty and is given in lieu of any and all other warranties, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The Buyer’s sole remedy is under the warranty provision of this contract and the Breeder disclaims and will not be liable for any other damages including consequential damages, property damage, emotional distress, loss of use, business interruption or veterinary fees unless specifically set forth in this warranty provision.

This contract sets forth the entire agreement between the Breeder and Buyer and any inconsistent oral terms have no effect on this contract. Any breech of this contract is grounds for breeder revoking ownership of buyer, and breeder may confiscate puppy from buyers' home. Ownership will then be transferred back to breeder and no refunds will be given.

If there is any dispute or litigation between the Breeder and Buyer, the Buyer is responsible for any and all fees and cost